New item ideas (WIP)

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Most of these ideas are just variations of what already exists in the game but new options can allow us new possibilities of ideas. Let us to expand our ideas



*bigger cart (a hate my cart hitting the stair) maybe like Haldor's cart or upgrade


*wood floor 1×2 and 2×1

*wood floor triangle

*wood stair 1x2x1 – width 1m (current is 2x2x1?)

*wood ladder 2×2

*vertical ladder (something like the boat ladder

*wood wall 2×1 (half vertical)

*wood wall 26° and 26° inverted without the wood beam 26°

*wood wall 45° and 45° inverted without the wood beam 45°

*wood beam 26° and 45° half size 1m long (current 2m)

*wood beam horizontal and vertical (like wood beam 26° and 45° size and shape) to esthetic

*wood pole 4m (vertical and horizontal)

*wood gate 1m and 2m (we have door but the gate is better)

*darkwood pole 1m (vertical and horizontal)

*fences (roundpole fence is horrible)

*stakewall half size

*stone wall 1×2 (stone pillar not good to wall

*stone wall 2×2

*stone wall 4×1

*stone floor 1×1

*stone floor 2×1

*stone floor triangle

*stone floor with 50cm

*stone wall 26°

*stone walls with 50cm (half of the original with 1m)

*stone arch like the arch in the Iron Gate logo (Pleaaase)

*wood Iron beam 26° and 45°

*Iron gate without frame (and more stronger?)

*crystal wall another angles?


*couple bed? There are many couples that play together

*sconce and hanging brazier made with another material (Iron, Silver…) to change color

*hanging brazier should have a extra button to add chain and make lower from higher roof. NOTE: we should be able to do the chains with bronze

*hanging torch (you can take the torch and use)

*bigger signs?

*boar rug?

*trophy + leather to make rug with head

*more options of Banner (colors and paterns) and some fabric like linen or another textiles early game

*Sod roof (It is in the game. We can spawn. Why cant we have?) Would be cool. Make on for each biome – Meadow, Black Forest and Plains – that can mimic the grass from this biomes.

*some light with Surtling core

*more options for Bones: Carved Darkwood Divider type made of bones

*torch made of bronze

*Barrels to storage the Mead bottles

*Crates like from cart storage (we could just get the crate and move without the need to drestroy like chest, and put in the cart

*upgraded Workbench and Forge should have more cover area

*item to link to a workbench, forge or stonecutter to make possible build without to take everywhere

*wood flor + Tar to protect against rain (normal floor interior)

*more angles (I would to like to make a perfect hexagon)

*more conecting points like each 50cm in the pole etc (current is 1m)

*chest showing that are full like they show Empty

*zoom in and zoom out total. Zoom in to enter in first person. Sometimes its hard to build with the head of the character over it

*add more types of icons and symbols to mark in the map. With this let the option to activate or deactivate (check box) the symbols to let the map more clean

*why Carved Darkwood Divider need finewood?

What else?


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