New Killa locations found so far and the implications for the future of the map

As most of us know, it was revealed that Killa now has some new spawns within the entirety of Interchange. I personally think this was an amazing change, and should absolutely get rid of that mad dash into the center of interchange with nothing but a Vepr Hunter or a Mosin. There is some concern that the task The Stylish One may become too difficult with this change, but that'll be up for debate as we feel it out.

These new spawns center around him spawning in Oli, Goshan, Idea, and the Garages below the mall. I went into interchange in offline mode to see where exactly Killa resides now on the map and this is what I got. Keep in mind the points here are sightings NOT spawn locations. He could spawn and stay here, or he could move to these areas after spawning for all we know.

So far, it seems that Killa focus spawns at specific locations on the first floor. Outside the idea tech store, and in the front somewhere by the cash registers of all three major stores, Oli, Idea, and Goshan. He is essentially a front entrance guard dog in these cases and you WILL have to fight him to enter the main entrances of Idea and Oli alike. I do not believe that he goes towards the backs of these stores unless he gets aggroed/baited back there. He does still occasionally spawn in his original location Brutal and Kiba hall it seems, however with the increase in his overall spawns it'll be extremely rare that you find him there.

On the top floor, he also seems to have some particular favoritism towards the middle stretch, and the Tech-light half, anywhere from the back, to the side halls. I have not seen him idea side on the second floor so that might be a safe zone.

The garages I had very little luck finding him. And when I did it was only at the bottom of one particular escalator. He seems to either sit outside the escalator around cover, or he will walk down it from above. The garages are still mostly a mystery

So what are the important things to note?

  1. BSG has essentially plopped a high end Scav boss right in front of very populated, early contention areas such as the tech store. More PMCs will likely die in these areas.
  2. Killa might be capable of roaming the map now. I personally have seen him walking around locations that he's in. This might just be him patrolling around small areas, OR there's a slim chance he can walk across the entire mall purely on his own.
  3. There should be a lower amount of naked just running in with nothing and stuffing things up their prison wallet due to Killa's presence in these areas.
  4. Killing Killa for the Jaeger task or The Stylish one is going to be significantly harder
  5. The flow of the map is going to drastically change since there will be no more mad dash into the middle from half of the spawns.
  6. The only safe zone from Killa seems to be outside of the mall itself, and MAYBE half of the parking garage/backs of stores.
  7. The meta of interchange may shift to exclusively having to run M61/SNB/high flesh rounds due to Killa being almost a constant threat anywhere inside the mall.


Edit: If you guys want to use this post as an info dump/photo link/video submission for Killa sightings either from you or streamers then feel free to comment it here and I could add it to my map when I get the time to


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