New player giving other new players tips

tip#1: dont try to fight people the just win and your rubles go down

tip#2: only use scav, its not about gear its about getting your rubles up cause getting one tapped by a random m4 or mp7 is annoying on pmc

tip#3: get to level 10, the flea market is best thing in the game

tip#4: if you are for some reason playing pmc, dont go to gunshots youre just going to get shredded on the way there

tip#5: avoid these maps: reserve, shoreline, labs, factory. customs and interchange are the best rat maps, just wait till all the dudes with good gear and thousands of hours in the game to go to the pvp areas and you loot the hidden caches around the map

tip#6: dont get mad when you die, just accept the fact that you got tarkov'd gg ez

tip#7:learn the maps really well so in case there are squads on you you can set up a macro to dump all your gear in an uncommon bush

and thats it! now youre ready to survive as a new player in tarkov! Good luck! and remember being a rich rat is better than being a poor chad


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