Out Of Memory Issues + Fix Thread

Hey all, I've been encouraged by a few friends to document and share this experience with EFT for whomever comes around it…

System Specs:

  • HP Omen X Laptop (15-dg0xxx)
  • Intel i7-9750H 6-core
  • Nvidia RTX 2070 w/Max-Q Design
  • WDC SN720 512GB M.2


After the Windows 20H2 Update, Tarkov was not running well for me at all. Normally when I had been playing I had Chrome with several twitch tabs open, Discord, Spotify and the game running simultaneously. Prior to the update, I don't have memory specs because it never would cause an out of memory issue.

Graphics Settings:

Default High, no PostFX, 1920×1080 res, VSync


Tarkov would load main menu, I could interact with the dealers, I could mess with my character, I could choose a raid to load into and thats basically everything I could do.

Once I selected a map, the system would attempt to load in resources and just after the loot pools would load, I'd get a flash of "Out of Memory" diaglog followed by my screens (all three) blinking out and then the system would hang. (full windows crash without the blue screen, yay!)

Upon further examination, Tarkov would load up and allocate ~3-4GB RAM which isn't overly high for Unity but I began to notice that Windows 10 would not free up standby memory for Tarkov. Of the 16GB total RAM, 5-7 GB would be used by Windows + apps i was running while Tarkov would proceed to allocate its memory.

Before + After

Windows Memory compression never seemed to increase or decrease while tarkov was running, and while I work in tech the memory compression feature is new to me (as in I'd never seen or investigated it before two weeks ago). I decided I'd like to attempt to disable this compression first before I dropped a nade and walked away from my hard drive.

Disable-MMAgent -mc

Is what I used in powershell and oh my god this combined with the Auto RAM Cleanup setting in tarkov have DROPPED memory usage from 8-10GB to 3-7GB.

While I'm sure I'm going to hear from someone that I shouldn't be futzing about with commands or recommending others perform this so I want to be very clear: This is what has worked for me. Do not run random commands on the internet because someone else had a slightly similar issue. If you are experiencing OOM issues with EFT and you are desperate, give this a shot and ensure the RAM Cleanup is checked.

I've had an increase in FPS (not that it matters with my 60hz monitor) by about 30 or so. I've had a substantial reduction in memory utilization by tarkov AND my system honestly does seem to run a bit faster.

For those of you technical individuals, this was my sources for checking before running:

TL;DR — I disabled MemoryCompression in Windows 10 after the 20H2 caused significant performance issues for me in tarkov. Make sure Auto RAM Cleanup is enabled. YMMV. Disclaimer: I don't know everything about Windows, but I know my system and I've seen a significant increase in performance from doing this.


Open Powershell and verify current status with:
Disable Memory Compression (requires a reboot which means this change is persistent):
  Disable-MMAgent -MemoryCompression
Enable Memory Compression:
  Enable-MMAgent -MemoryCompression

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ndjotj/out_of_memory_issues_fix_thread/

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