Performance issue +potentional fix for stutters

Problem – Solution – Spec – TLDR

Problem: Since the wipe, the game was smooth as butter, but recently after a windows update it all went from heaven to unplayable, the problem was mostly fps drops, and stutters.

Solution: I've read a lot of posts here, and tried out to make a paging file on the ssd. This is not practical since its getting a lot of work, and makes the drive to die sooner, but an ssd is not that expensive nowdays. So paging file helped, but also turned on SAM ( smart access memory ). The game is now back to smooth, even on reserve. However I started to have some crashes, that I never had before. Going to investigate, if it is because of the paging, or the SAM.

ryzen 5 5600x
2x8gb @ 3200 ( if u have 32 gigs, or faster ram , u might not even have stutters, but neither did i )

TLDR: fast and a lot of ram, or paging file on SSD, SAM might cause crushing, need more info


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