Playing with low RAM

Hello folks,

I recently picked up this game and tried to optimize it for my system. I run at 8GB ram, so it was fairly difficult. You may think: "Enable Auto Ram Cleaner" ingame. No, not for me, this caused many issues with ALT + TABBING and I refused to use borderless because I need every inch of performance I can get.

So I did some research and discovered a program named: Razer Cortex, never heard of it before, maybe populair, no clue. First when I installed it, it automatically added all my games, except, yes Tarkov.

So for people that are having the same issue that they keep running out of ram, here you go. In task manager I peaked at 80% ram in a raid while watching a video, ON CHROME. (Just benchmarking). So that's pretty good in my books.

  1. What you first do is, set up your game how you want it to. Some people may say, I prefer graphics then visual information, just set it up how you like it.
  2. Disable auto ram cleaner in-game.
  3. Install Razer Cortex
  4. Next up, you go to BOOST, and set it up for your liking, so disable any unused programs. (I kept it at default because that was perfect for me). For every service and program there are descriptions.
  5. Now in "MY LIBRARY" you click the + icon at the top left corner of your screen. You click browse and go to your EFT destination. (Default: C:Battlestate GamesEFT) Click the folder EFT and click on OK, the next screen will show two executables, Escape From Tarkov.exe and Escape From Tarkov BE.exe, click the top one and hit OK.
  6. Now it adds it to your library, you can customize colors and shit, but I don't care.
  7. As you can see, it recognizes it and you can play the game without worrying about your system crashing.

Another fun feature is, is that it offers a system cleaner. For example, you can defragment games that you have installed on a HDD. Please don't defragment your SSD's… (It's not that advanced, I use Razer Cortex and CCleaner combined. Run it every week to make sure my system is clean).

(You can also enable or disable FPS graphs, so you can see how your performance is when you're playing. You can do this by going to "MY LIBRARY" and clicking on the artwork, you need to play the game first before trying that).

Hope you guys that have 8GB of ram and are looking to play this game have a great time!


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