Please for the love of god fix the weathering system!

I love your game Valheim Devs. I really do.

I also love building with wood. I hate the fact that after one rainstorm half my base looks like its sat dormant in the sea for 30 years.

If the weathering system doesn't actually cause pieces of your base to break over time (For the record I think this would be horrible as well) then what is the point of having stuff get weathered at all? My whole base is surrounded by stone so the argument of it making it more dangerous/easier for monsters to break doesn't really hold weight.

1.) Please either adjust the weathering system (pieces start to get weathered after maybe 30 in game days???) Or my next and better idea…

2.) Remove it so that my bases don't look like shit all the time. And no I don't want to spend resin to keep each individual piece of my 10000+ wood base from weathering.

This game is grindy enough as it is. Yes this is a convenience gripe.

The aesthetics of wood are so awesome and yet my base looks like Njord has been having a heyday in there for months.

Thank you.


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