Please take away portals.

I find it ridiculous that we can bypass so much with portals. Clearly devs intended to force us to explore, which I love. Ore isn't the only thing biome and progression locked and I think it shouldn't be the only thing portal locked.

Ancient bark, core wood, guck, bloodbags, wolf pelts, the list goes on. I think it's basically cheating to allow us to transport this. Carts and boats already exist. Force me and every other player to do it right. I want to have to take my boat out and trek through the black forest on another island every time I want to interact with Holdor.

Down with portals!

Wow. Y'all are god awful at catching sarcasm. One of you got it. It's really not that hard guys. I mean… Actually it's soooo hard. It's basically impossible. Unless I see /s at the end of a post I can't possibly use my brain and context clues. No sirree.


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