Portal Trick For Solo Renaming and For Outpost Deactivating

You know that pesky problem where you rename a portal to connect to a new portal(example, outpost), and when you walk through too quickly, it takes you to the previous tag(old outpost)? Does this leave you stuck on the other side, with no easy return?

Now, you could just have a backup portal in case this happens, where you could rename that outpost portal to to get back. But if you forgot this backup portal, you could be stuck at the old outpost with no portal back. There is a good fix for this.

When you are at the old outpost that you want to disconnect, have it currently connected to the portal you want to rename and end up at. Rename the old outpost portal to a unused tag(example, “N/A”). Walk through the portal before it updates and disconnects from the other side. This will take you to the portal you want to keep, and disconnect the outpost portal, freeing up that tag and only leaving one portal at the outpost. Done!

TL;DR Use a perceived bug to your advantage with portals!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m6l1xg/portal_trick_for_solo_renaming_and_for_outpost/

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