Portals are completely broken and here’s why!!

Hey, so, many of you might be struggling getting all metals (both ores and ingots) to your base, well, I may have found a workaround and I haven't found this online yet, so figured I might as well share it.

It all works on the prinicipal that inventory is shared across servers.

Issue: You have gathered resources on your main world, far away from your base, but you are not allowed to teleport them.


  1. Make a new world and put a chest in it.

  2. Place the resources that can't be teleported into the chest.

  3. Log back in to your main world and take the portal to your base.

  4. Log back in to the new world and take your stuff out of the chest.

  5. On your main world you will now have your resources in your inventory on the other side of the portal.>

Expanding on this, you could also have different worlds near different resources and just hop worlds when gathering resources instead of actually running and teleporting to worlds.

Not sure if this is an intended game-mechanic, but yeah.

It does make Valheim Perfectly Balanced With Absolutely No Exploits.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m34c4y/portals_are_completely_broken_and_heres_why/

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