Potential fix for lower than normal FPS on Ryzen platforms.


First up this may not do anything to your system, it did fix mine but no idea if it was a fluke or an issue with the motherboard ( it has a lot of weird quirks, like having to turn on PBO in two different sections and AUTO means off)

Anyways here's my setup https://i.imgur.com/HErAnXX.png

I was getting okay FPS for my set up, 100fps highs in factory, reserve I would normally sit around 70 fps in the populated areas. Knowing how Tarkov was I just thought that's what I would get but I thought it was a bit on the lower end considering my set up.

A separate issue where I noticed my CPU was idling at 1.4 volts led me to turn on AMD cool n quiet function in the bios to see if that would lower the voltage and it did, thought awesome don't have to worry about shortening the life span of my CPU now and idle temps a lot lower. Jumped into tarkov and loaded into to factory and instantly noticed my fps was now sitting around 130fps, and consistently too. Did a few offline raids after that to test and yes it was consistent along with reserve.

So no idea why this would increase my FPS this much in Tarkov, I've done some quick testing in other games and it seems to be nowhere near as crazy as a boost in performance if any at all. And again, no idea if this is just a fluke with my system and it won't do anything on yours.

If you are not sure how to change this setting it would require you restart your computer and smash the delete key while it's rebooting to get into your bios, once there it should be under your CPU settings, but as every bios is different it could be anywhere, should be called AMD cool n quiet. If in doubt do some googling or share a picture and someone should know where to go hopefully.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hglear/potential_fix_for_lower_than_normal_fps_on_ryzen/

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