Poverty to Riches, here’s some tips for new players who are serious about the game:

-Sell every expensive gun/item you own

-gunsmith quests level you up super fast if you’re stuck

-focus on collecting junk and making money

-don’t spend all your money on expensive guns/armor

-in all reality, the best way to get more money is run level 1-2 everything and then insure it all (you’ll get it back every time)

-AP ammo is nice, but you shouldn’t run it. It’s expensive and you’ll probably still die.

-Focus on quests and upgrading your hideout.

-find a map you know how to run effectively on, and try to flip your equipment by killing scavs and staying away from players (flipping is basically taking like an MBSS and upgrading to a Scav backpack after killing one)

-Level 35-50 is when you should start getting good loot, but it’s a grind.

And so far that’s what I’ve got. If you have any more suggestions leave them in the comments!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ijzxsm/poverty_to_riches_heres_some_tips_for_new_players/

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