Pre-wipe fun since it’s delayed (making money on flea market)

I know a lot of people having been making bank on the flea market especially during pre-wipe events. This post is for people who don’t really think about it, or maybe someone struggling with money currently.

Personally, I don’t struggle with money too much, but over the last week or 2 with pre-wipe events I kind it burned out my cash (mostly on ammo during events 2-4) thinking wipe would be today. But then I looked through my lucky scav box and made like 15 mil in 5 minutes lol.

Also it seems some of the aspects of the events are removed as some stay, for example, currently traders are still max LL but they don’t sell things super cheap anymore.

Here’s a few barter items that are insanely priced on the flea market currently :

Horse figurine: 200-250k ₽
Documents case: 3 mil ₽
Gold chain: 1 mil ₽
Money case: 8-10 mil ₽
GMAccount: 300k ₽
Chainlet: 30k ₽
Bitcoin: 300-350k ₽

It is also worth noting, say you have 3-4 horse figurines, you could sell them for 800k, or buy a lion for 500k, another horse for 200k and a cat for 100k and trade up for a docs case and sell it for 3mil and basically double your profits. Same with the gold chains/roler for a money case.

I realize most of these items have been inflated for weeks now, but not quite to this extent with the current state of pre-wipe events. Most of these items I’ve listed are 3-10 times their normal value. Biggest one in my opinion is the money case being up to 8-10mil now.

Hope this helps and don’t forget to clean out your lucky scav box before wipe hits 🙂


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