Printable Among Us Map Guide

I spent a lot of time looking at different maps and didn't really like anything that I found. Below I have included my attempt at making a guide map for Skeld. The biggest thing is these maps are printable!! Something that seemed impossible to find elsewhere. It includes information on tasks, locations of sabotage interactions, camera visibility, general map visibility (where you should and shouldn't stand as a crewmember or kill as an imposter), vent routes, and a few other notes. There are multiple versions in case you don't want all the information on the same one as it can be a bit much. In my opinion, the most useful ones are the main one and the one that has the visibility removed. Hope this helps!

Full map guide

Map guide without visibility

Map visibility

Task information

Vents, cams, and sabotage

Plain map (Seemingly impossible to find on the internet)


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