PvP (or E) Battle Arena Mode?

Valheim Guide: How to Acquire Strongest Weapon in the Game

So I was recently looking at range of weapons that exist in the game realizing I have no reason to make anything other than the Iron Mace (for Bonemass) and a Silver sword (Moder). So a way I was thinking about solving this would be maybe some sort of PvP or PvE server mode that let's players use the unique weapons to fight each other with (presumably people would be bracketed off of the armor tier they bring in, I.e. troll skin, bronze, iron, silver and black metal).

This could also be a fun way to show that skill points actually matter. Like someone who stacked into running and archery might fight against another player than someone with a different skill lay out.

and then for PvE tournaments, you could do special "boss" versions of enemies like Trolls or Golems that could act as single player or multiplayer raids, where at team of 3 takes on a "Cursed 4 Star Troll" or something and receive bulk resource items (maybe 50 Iron Scraps for taking on a special troll, or a gang of special swamp mobs).

The main issues I can see is how you could control and balance items like mead and food health buffs.

I also wouldn't mind maybe like a "Hunger Games" mode or something where players are dropped into a smaller map with different biome sections and different enemies and they have to find different armor and weapons in chest while fighting players and other enemies


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pavlau/pvp_or_e_battle_arena_mode/

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