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Hello all,

I have been dumping a lot of time into this game and enjoying it very much. I have posted once before, mostly active over on the EVE forums. I'm not sure of the demographics on this game, but with how many people are playing it- it's probably a wide spread of people. That says a lot for the entertainment quality.

Anyway, thank you for giving this a perusal. Also, very open to feedback and critique. The idea behind threads like this is always the same for people like us, we want to share our ideas and hopefully catch the eye of the devs to see if some of them are able to be implemented.

No order of importance on QOL changes/tweaks:

  1. When using the cooking pot, allow us to have a toggle to adjust the quantity of items cooked. I.E. you could toggle it up to 5 or 10 and it would cook that many one after the other. This is just about less clicks, same time to make them.
  2. Can it not rain every single day? Being cold and wet impact stats heavily and as far as my home in the meadows, it feels like it rains every single day. OR, make this a server option. So you could toggle this volume up or down.
  3. Lengthen days and reduce night time. Or, add this as a server toggle option. Personally, I'd like it to feel like 60-70 % day time and 30-40 % night time. I know this is a personal item, but it would be nice to toggle this. (I am on day 298 and have slept through maybe 4-5 nights total.)
  4. Have a cooldown on world events. I have had 4-5 Skeleton Surprises in a single gaming session (3-4 hours) and having waves come almost daily is a bit much. It's an annoyance rather than a fun factor at times. I'd be ok if they were more difficult and were spaced out more.
  5. Tone down the cart aggro. As it stands, I feel like the Greydwarves met their doom before this realm by being run over by carts and that is why they hate them so much.
  6. Increase the duration of food, which would also increase the uptime for hit points. Alternatively, future implementations of food dynamics could allow us to use different obtainable spices/herbs/whatever to add to our current food creations and increase/change certain stats. When I say increase uptime, personally, I am thinking in the neighborhood of +25 % time.
  7. Increase stability on stone. Most of the really big castle builds are done on the side of a mountain to use the landmass as an anchor or by raising the starting point as high as possible. Would like to see more of them able to be freestanding (if this is doable without causing massive server load issues.)
  8. I would like to see a little bit of raw HP tied to the armor you wear. I don't want to break the vision of hitpoints being tied to food, but seeing a buff of 1hp per item per level would feel better to me than being 25hp in full padded. (Yes, I got off the boat and forgot to eat and Fuling exploded me. Woops) Example: Full leather +3hp (chest/legs/helm), Bronze +6, Iron +9 and Padded +12.
  9. Make the hoe or cultivator use the circle radius (for pathing/bricks/leveling) also have a radius for harvest. So it would pop up 3×3 area of plants. Also, let it plant that way maybe. (yes, I mentioned this before.)
  10. Moder is too easy. If the terrain is bad, she is a joke when she is on the ground. She needs to have eased movement/pathing on the ground so that she can get to you. Also, her single target melee needs to hit harder and breath weapon is pretty ineffective. The aerial damage feels good though.
  11. Let us toggle fires/torches between being on or off, rather than always on if fuel is in them.

Sorry for the wall of text. Just a lot of ideas popping up over time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m0qj30/quality_of_life_itemsadjustments/

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