Quick Beginner tips.

  1. Don’t overspend in every run.
    No, you don’t need “60-round 6L31” magazines, fully kitted AKs & that big ass backpack.. you’re wasting money that could be spent upgrading your hideout early game.

  2. Stop selling weapons that you loot.
    Selling weapons to mechanic or FM isn’t always worth it if you’re going to spend money buying the same weapon after a few failed raids. (Keep AKSU’s, M4’s & Mosin’s) you’ll need them for quests later on.

  3. Strip every attachment from weapons you loot.
    Keep those attachments.. it’s better to raid with a modded weapon of course, but you still don’t want to spend a lot to get those attachments so you’re better off stashing it for later use.

  4. Fill your stash up with your preferred weapons, rigs, helmets, armor, attachments and ammo.
    You’ll thank your self later.

  5. Passive scav runs.
    Learn the map and loot spawns.. don’t engage in fights, try to loot and extract to gain the most money out of every run.
    (Spawned with no backpack? Kill a scav that has a backpack, but make sure that no other scav spots you.)

  6. Know what your looting.
    Bigger items don’t mean more money, check FM prices.. know what’s worth looting and what’s a waste of space. (Don’t sell items that are required to upgrade your hideout, it will save you millions in the long run.)


  8. Frags can help you reposition if you’re stuck in a bad situation, or forces your enemy to move/die.

  9. Quests will teach you.. and sometimes they are fun.(fuck peacekeeper and his UN quests)

  10. Never feel safe next to an extract.

    (You ran out of ammo? Hide your weapon somewhere if you feel like your about to die.)

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

Ninja edit: words.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ee8cad/quick_beginner_tips/

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