Quick FPS guide for beginners (up to 80% fps increase in optimal conditions)

This guide is aimed for new players that have recently jumped into the game and haven't screwed around with the settings much. Watch the video first and read text under it!


Breakdown of the video:

I cranked my settings so i could get above 100fps without Vsync. Vsync in tarkov seems to like 2 things and 2 things only. Your monitors refresh rate (in my case 144hz) and whatever is the half of it (72 here). As you see in the first section i am fully locked up to 72fps even though my fps without Vsync would be 100+. Vsync seems to be really aggressive to prefer 72fps over +100 just to avoid screen tearing. There is also one scenario where fps starts to loop between high 80s and 120fps causing annoying slowdowns and input lag. This could be even more cruel to people pushing lets say 50fps with 60hz monitor so with Vsync you could be always almost playing at 30fps. Disabling Vsync however is not the only solution to this as you are then locked to 60fps in menu and 120fps in game.


Step 1. Go to your GPU providers software and make custom profile for escape from tarkov.exe that force disables Vsync. That's all you need.

Step 2. ENABLE Vsync in tarkov settings. Now you are getting all fps you can get in menu and also in game.



I went from virgin 72fps in certain areas to CHAD 129fps (actually over 130 but screenshot drops fps) that's an increase of 79.16% . Results of course varies between systems. This reduces any input lag greatly and makes the game much smoother!

Dear devs:

It's year 2020 and we have 240hz monitors. Why does the fps limits end to 60 and 120? Also why does the .local ini file rewrite itself everytime after quitting the game so we can't increase these limits?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gtbpcn/quick_fps_guide_for_beginners_up_to_80_fps/

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