Rat helper optimised for 12.8 FIR added to tarkov-tools.com

Good day peeps, hope you're doing fine!

The last few days I've noticed a lot of the items that I'm trying to sell isn't worth it, as the Flea Market is pushed so close to the dealer price the fee makes it a loss to sell stuff.

That plus the fact that I've been playing really shitty and just trying to fill my secure container with whatever might be worth anything at all to sell to dealers made me realise that it's really hard to find a good overview of the dealer prices.

So I've added that to tarkov-tools!

The loot tiers now calculate the fee and if it's even worth to flea items, as well as allowing you to see what's valuable without FIR.

Now you can rat away to your hearts desire just stuff that juicy prison-wallet full of non-fir valuables and die an honourable death at the hands of Chadvick the Great, and still cash out!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jszdvs/rat_helper_optimised_for_128_fir_added_to/

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