[Release] RSS feed for official Tarkov news

If you’re just here for the feed URL, here you go: https://politepol.com/fd/iX00HUPTjQzH
Just plop that URL into any RSS reader you use.

Today I went searching to see if there was a RSS feed embedded into escapefromtarkov.com, however I was disappointed to see there wasn’t. RSS is a technology that I really enjoy, especially with such great apps like NetNewsWire.

After a bit of research, I discovered a plethora of services that allowed you to convert any website into an RSS feed. I attempted to use these services, however many features were locked behind paywalls or straight up did not work.

I eventually found the service that I’m currently using for this, PolitePol, which seems to have the best features for a free account. I tried to use the service, but was disappointed to see it errored out when trying to view escapefromtarkov.com. Fortunately, after messing around with it for a bit I managed to find an odd workaround.

There are some downsides, albeit small downsides, to this compared to a normal RSS feed embedded by Battlestate, however it works fine enough. It will update every 1 hour, which is great compared to other services. Image support is lacking, which is a shame. These problems could be fixed for $5 a month, but I don’t really care enough to pay for that especially since it works well enough how it is currently.

It’d be great if Battlestate could add RSS to their site, it would prevent all this hassle. I think it would be pretty easy to implement as well. But for those RSS users out there, this will work for now just fine 🙂

If you are using NetNewsWire, I recommend using “reader mode” for this feed as it shows the full content instead of just a snippet!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l8cduk/release_rss_feed_for_official_tarkov_news/

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  • swoah 17.02.2021 in 20:19

    when you just copy and paste my entire reddit post. good content

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