Reminder to please protect your hearing!

This game tricks you into having your volume up way higher than is safe for your ears, so you can hear footsteps, ADS sounds, etc. A lot more time is spent running around and listening to background noise. When an adenaline fueled gunfight does happen, it's hard to notice that the sounds of shooting and being shot are incredibly loud.

I had mild tinnitus before this wipe, but then I noticed it getting a lot worse. When I actually stopped to listen to the sounds of the game and noticed how loud guns are, I did some research and found posts on this sub about the same topic ans found out about some solutions.

Get a sound lock or a compressor! 3appes sound lock is a really simple sound locker and it's helped me a lot already. Sound lockers only limit the highs, so firefights will be quiter while still allowing you to hear everything else like normal.

I just wanted to remind the sub how precious hearing is, and how much it sucks to permanently damage it without realizing. Don't make the same mistake I and others have made and ruin your eardrums.


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