Request for developers to fix Valheim

Hi, I made some ideas about new features that will fix the game, I hope developers read these for all us users, I'm loving really this game!

1 – [Priority 5/5 CRITICAL]
Bow Sight Fix: The arrow must go through the sight, not under it.

2 – [Priority: 5/5 CRITICAL]
Much better optimization to guarantee more FPS even at high details;

3 – [Priority: 5/5]
More variety of equipment and bonuses;

4 – [Priority: 4/5]
Possibility to dive into the water;

5 – [Priority: 4/5]
Multiple key combination shortcuts;

6 – [Priority: 4/5]
More ranged weapons such as rifles, pistols or other (spells, etc …);

7 – Priority: 4/5]
Possibility to fly, even for short distances;

8 – [Priority: 3/5]
Possibility to collect drops from the seabed.

If you have more request just comment here.


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