Revising zone sequence progression

I know this will not gain the attention of the dev team, but I strongly feel that the mountain biome should follow the black forest and lead into the swamp. Why do I feel this way? Well, consider these points:

  1. Iron is far more durable than silver and therefore should be a higher teir resource. This would mean that gear progression would need to be revised to bronze, silver, then iron. This would also support an earlier suggestion of introducing steel as the first product if the blast furnace rather than jumping straight to black metal.
  2. Mountain biomes are generally in close proximity to meadows and dark forest, so would allow better (in my opinion, at least) progression than setting sail for distant swamp biomes before you really have your base well established.
  3. Taming wolves earlier would provide much greater utility than in late game. Imagine how great it would be to take a wolf into the swamp instead of venturing in solo.
  4. Obsidian usage in tools and weapons occurred in the stone age. It makes no sense at all to have anything made of iron superceded by obsidian. This includes workbench upgrades, arrows..anything.
  5. Moder is a far easier boss than bonemass. In many ways, it is a repeat of the elder fight with a melee element added.

I had a few others but cant remember them. Anyhow, let me know your thought.


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