RP Focused Server, looking for a small group!

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Hiya! I've been sitting on this idea for a hot second and I finally wanna get it going!

I'd like to gather a small group of friendly folks for an RP focused server, say about 5-8 players?

I want to explore Valheim as a method of storytelling and like, worldbuilding in somewhat of a literal fashion. I have an idea on how it could work, mainly using mumble vc and the chat when applicable. So far i've started building a small discord server but i'd like to be sure of any and all interest before i invest in a dedicated server.

Ideally, I'd like to play with other LGBT+ users but as long as you've got common sense I'm not too picky. I do plan on this being somewhat long term, with a plot developed by the involved parties as we progress. As well, I'm not worried about aesthetics, so don't worry about building quality or skill being a barrier. As far as genre and theme, personally i'm more interested in simple slice of life type stuff but I'm not opposed to any fun departures!

Let me know if there's any interest!

Oh, and unfortunately I'm not interested in playing with any minors, so I'd prefer users be 18+!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/q0sq9i/rp_focused_server_looking_for_a_small_group/

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