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I was thinking of hosting a role playing server for Valheim, but i would need 5-10 people to signup. The rules would be pretty cool for roleplaying purposes, and I am not opposed to Valheim vanilla or modded/updated Valheim. The goal is that every character in each (assigned) tribe would get a class or role. Your role is assigned based on preference or the lord's (winner of trials) choosing. If you perform admirably for each trial (provide the most tribute for quests) in each biome, you will be rewarded with being the next lord of the tribe. If you lose, you may appeal the next lord with trial by combat, or agree, unanimously, to become participants in the next trial upon debate. As the lord, you become the questmaster for main and side content. You may assign jobs, main quests, and side quests for reward. If you delay the main quest, you may only do it once for up to 3 days or for a building project during the first council meeting. jobs will get you gold for land projects, and items claimed can be offered to the tribute or stash depending on the task

There is only 2 consequences i have for playing in the server: if you die, you lose tribute points, and if you are guilty of treason, you will become the exiled or be hunted. (Offering the PvP aspect)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/popk3y/rp_server_inv/

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