Ryzen CPU and PBO setting in BIOS(Huge performance boost(?)

Hey all.

Specs: ryzen 3600, rtx 2080s, 3200mhz 16gb ram.

Has anyone else tried using PBO(Precision boost overdrive) on their systems?

Yesterday I was struggling with huge fps drops(Shore and reserve was like 30-80fps), and was messing around with my BIOS settings, tried my MSI motherboards "game boost" setting, and it gave me better results. But after investigating this setting, it turns out it would degrade my CPU's silicones with too high voltage, so I ditched using that.

Then I came to the conclusion, that I can't overclock my CPU manually to higher rates, because I'm only on AMD stock cooler, so I was searching for solutions and came to a reddit thread, where people discussed using "game boost" feature, that overclocks your CPU automaticly by motherboards restrictions. There I found the holy grail, a guy explaining how PBO works, and quickly explained it's a similar feature like "game boost", but the "OC" is handled by the CPU instead of motherboard.

Here is Gamernexus's video about the feature: https://youtu.be/B7NzNi1xX_4

In short, PBO pushes your CPU to voltages and speeds that aren't necessarily safe for heavy and long workload working, but it gives you a small benefit on your single and multithread performance. I thought oh well, why not try this as benchmarks show a "big increase" of 1-3fps lol.

But oh my god, I've never experienced the game so smoothly before this, I went from unstable 30-80fps to GLORIOUS 110fps+ (and constant 100fps+)
//I know you think this is just placebo like most of these threads, but I've literally NEVER hit 110+, so..

PBO is on "Auto" by default, you should put it to "Enabled" to have it on. Auto is like it's disabled completely.

Please, please check if you have PBO enabled, and report back the results to this thread, I've never hit 110+fps in eft, so I have literally no idea how this affected the performance so much.

Ty for reading, and gl out there!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mva3ja/ryzen_cpu_and_pbo_setting_in_bioshuge_performance/

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