Safe Haven – Thank you for Feedback!

Hi Guys!

So I've been receiving some amazing support on my stream and on the Valheim subreddit recently and just wanted to say thank you all so much for your feedback and kind words of support!

My friends and I just finished our progression through the final boss fight and now are left with our beautiful world that I feel is worthy of sharing.

I will be continuing my building on this seed and would love to hear some thoughts on weather people would like the opportunity to join me on my world and explore and build on our server!

If there is decent feedback and people are interested I will discuss opening the server for new players . Obviously there would be a no griefing rule so no breaking builds but id love to welcome others to build in our world and see what people create!

Finding people to play with can be tough so I think it would be nice opportunity for maybe new or intermediate players to join and fight bosses together!

Youtube link :


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