Scav Case Loot

Hello everyone, so over the last few weeks I've been keeping track of all the items I've gotten from my scav case. After looking around a little trying to find a "loot table" or something similar I was unsuccessful aside from a video that Pestily has posted on YouTube of 100 moonshine runs, so I decided to make my own list. I've done at least 15 of each option to get somewhat of a baseline for the items that you can receive along with profits.

All of the items I received I attempted to sell on the flea market to maximize my profits. The numbers may be a little skewed due to creating this spreadsheet on July 1st when some of the items were still selling for a ton (i.e 5-7 magazines). Most of the selling price will be rounded to either the nearest 100th or 1000th depending on what others were listed at and making sure the item would sell. I have listed the total average for how much it cost me for each option in the scav case so that I could calculate a total profit or loss. I did not include the tax for putting items on the flea market just to make it easy. A few of the items I did vendor because either they would not sell on the flea market or the price was just so low, I did not want to waste my time. For example, I received a single TT round from a 500 rouble case and instead of attempting to sell it on the flea market for the 35 roubles I sold to mechanic for 28. Other items you will notice are listed as "Priceless" (silly MasterCard commercial reference) these are items that I needed for a quest, so I turned them in for that rather than selling. I did, however, list a total cost of the quest items just to show how much I "lost" out on by turning them in for the quest.

Towards the bottom of the moonshine runs you will notice a gap and then a list of more items, that is because I have started back from the beginning. I will continue to add to this spreadsheet on the items that I get and how much I sell them for. Thank you for taking your time in reading and checking out the spreadsheet. I hope that you will find a benefit from it! Good luck out there!

TL;DR I've compiled 15 of each scav case option into a spreadsheet for a list of items received and how much total profit/loss from each.


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