Scav Homie EFT discord info and helper bot

I've been waiting to make this post for a while and I thank the mod team for giving me permission to post about it on here. Now I know people have made attempts to make similar bots and that there are some that are currently being developed but I have taken this task upon me to make a outstanding EFT discord bot that will make statistics and all info that the community has gathered and info I myself find to be useful easier and faster to access and also be available in the same place.

I could go on and write a whole five-paragraph essay if I wanted to but I know that will make people click away faster. So Scav Homie is being developed by me, myself and I and I have gotten great feedback so far from people and it's currently on 200+ different discord servers. The bot currently has commands for different kinds of weapon builds for every single gun in the game except the GL. Ammo commands that are detailed and easy to understand and map commands that link to useful maps for every single area in the game. More is going to be added and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.

That's it for now I'll put the links below and I'm always happy to hear what you guys think about it. Keep in mind it's supposed to help new players mostly for now and might refresh the mind of an experienced player as well.


new helper bot for tarkov about ammo, weapon builds and maps. more is coming. happy to hear what you think about it.

Discord: havoX#7808

Bot invite link:

Support server:


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