Scav Times(When to Scav on What Maps)

So I've posted here before about how I have a Scav with quite a few high leveled abilities to include Max endurance. I'd like to help those that don't really know or just want more info on Scav Raids. This is just my observations and in no way absolute. All Scav spawn times are averages and based off personal experience.

So you want to Scav in but have no idea where to go? Well it's all about what time of day(irl) and what day it is.

Customs (Spawn between 40 to 25 minutes left in raid)- this map is almost always busy no matter when you scav in but the gear you find can fluctuate on the day of the week. Weekends and nights you'll find a lot more dedicated/chaded folks while during the weekdays during the day you'll find a lot more low levels or rather… Bad players.

Shoreline (spawn between 40 to 35 mins left in raid)- This map is a gold mine for matter when. But the gold could be different. Night time (irl again) and weekends you'll roll up on resort and find many bodies(mostly east wing) with good gear just left or find insurance fraud. Weekdays it's a wasteland but that means most caches are unhit.

Interchange (spawn time sub 20 minutes all the way to 10 minutes left) -Scav on interchange and its a race against time. Most battles are done and bodies lay cold. If power has been hit then go to the better known battle spots of kiba or techlight. If no power watch out for Killa. It seems that 7/10 times if power hasn't been thrown Killa still lives. Best times I find to go in for good loot is actually early morning to about noon time on most days. Again the hardcore weekend warriors will always go there but your pickings won't be as good as they'll be teaming more.

Woods (spawn time 40- 30 minutes)- I only ever go to woods if I have a sniper scav. There usually isn't any good loot but often times I find that the middle cabin (with the safe) is not looted. This one is a bit more miss then hit almost everyday.

Reserve(spawn time is 40 -30 minutes)-If you can get past the queue time for reserve it's really not that great. Unless you go as a group be prepared to meet opposition from fellow player scavs and pmc and raiders. This place is always busy and honestly if you're looking to just get gear and get out find a hiding spot and some juice and wait.

Again all of this is based off personal experience from running hundreds of scav runs. I've come out of most raids with gear for my next PmC run quite often and you will be surprised about what places don't get looted. As you can tell most maps are the busiest at night and weekends but if you can scav during the weekdays you'll find the best loot just laying there. I got my Bitcoin farm started from gpu my scav found. Be careful out there and remember take that damn Kolpak off!


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