Security cams are even more overpowered than you might think.

You know when you kill in front of someone and you just decide to put the blame on that someone, an already suspicious player? Well, this strategy works great, but there’s a huge catch. You need to know who to blame.

When security cameras are on, the lights will flash red. I know you already know that, but just by that, you don’t know who is watching the cams or how many people are watching cams, just if at least one person is watching it (flashing red) or not (nothing).

That’s why watch out for areas where cameras are even when they are not on because some players might not see you kill on cams, but they might still see you walk away from the body by turning on the cameras a second after you finish someone off. Then you don’t know who to blame, and after that person tells the group who it is, then you can’t just say it was them, because they said it like 5 seconds before you did, and they will probably call the emergency so they would be more trusted. Also, more often than not, there are multiple people on cams, so you might as well just vote yourself.

Also, if you do get caught without cams on, but just venting in front of someone and your kill cooldown hasn’t gone all the way down yet, try reaching for the button first. It might give you a higher chance of getting away with it.

ONE FINAL TIP: A lot of players don’t know this, but if lights are off, the security cameras still work at full vision. I don’t think that makes any sense because irl the lights would obviously affect the cams, but it’s a cool Easter egg, so if you’re a crewmate and lights are off, it’s sometimes a good idea to camp cams. (Although I guess the impostor can just vent from electrical to security and finish you off, but probably not before lights get turned back on.)

I don’t want any upvotes, just spreading the word.


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