Seeming that the wipe is tomorrow.. Here is a tool for the newbies among us.

Hi all,

I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, got some feedback then and also some feedback from various discord channels of streamers I lurk. Made some improvements and updates so I wanted to post it again for the wipe tomorrow!

It's a simple tool to help track hideout progress!


  • User signup to track progress across devices. (you don't need to signup for it to function, it will save to your browser cache also).
  • Percentage indicator to show how far along you are.
  • Total/Remaining indicators for all items.
  • Includes module/loyalty requirements.
  • Priority feature to track what items you are currently looking for! (useful if you have a second screen).
  • Filtering on various modules/items to only focus on what you need.
  • Shows the number of signups at the top "x PMC's in their hideout"

I hope it proves useful for some people!


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