Sharing my spreadsheet that helped keep me on track to obtain Kappa. Simple table of all the quests. Identification of quests NOT needed for Kappa. List of all required FIR items. Tarkov Wiki links built in. . . Hope someone else finds it useful. I enjoyed making it and using it!

Spreadsheet should be relatively self explanatory and open for your personal touch. Copy it into your own google sheet account and have at it

Copy the spreadsheet into your own google sheets to begin editing. Very simple to do, there is a link to an image within the spreadsheet demonstrating how to do this. See the "tips—and—tricks" section below the quest table.

THANK YOU! to everyone who contributes to and supports the Tarkov Wiki. Most of the individual cells within the spreadsheet have links to a specific wiki page associated with the info within each cell.

Click on links within the cells of the tips —-and—- trick area for help if you are confused how the links work or how I used the sheet to keep track of my progress. I changed the color of the quest cells as I completed each quest. Having a inventory readily available of the collector items I needed yet and general FIR items needed really helped ensure I was efficient as well.

Hope someone finds it useful. I enjoyed creating it.

I began playing in November 2019. I spent last wipe learning how to play the game, ignoring quests for the most part. Made it my goal to quest this wipe and to obtain Kappa. Obtained Kappa about 2 weeks ago! Have fun with it, don't let the quests be the singular driving force behind your Tarkov satisfaction otherwise you'll find yourself seriously frustrated at times lol. It's not a race. The quests can be grindy at times but I genuinely enjoyed the journey. It forced me to play differently at times. Different guns. Different maps. Different play styles. Rushing bosses. Creeping around looking for quest items. Slappin rats with reaper m1a. Running around like a mad man with a ushanka and a boom cannon of a shotgun.

Great game we have here. Enjoy it.

PLEASE if you notice an error or a mistake let me know!


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