Sick of people cheating via discord? Just join a 1/10 Lobby.

Feels like every other thread on this sub is a variation of the theme "Don't tell your friends on discord who murdered you, it's cheating!"

I wonder why this seems to be causing such an outrage, as it can so easily be avoided: Groups of people who play public lobbies together start their own servers and meet there, then wait for randoms to fill up the remaining spots. Avoid these, join a 1/10 lobby instead.

But we all know how it works: If you solo-create a lobby with 1/10, you can often wait for 5 minutes and nobody will join. But once your lobby is 2/10 or 3/10, it will fill up in mere seconds. In fact, you're all flocking to the stacked discord groups, then complain about them discording. It's your own fault.

So just start going for that 1/10 lobby that has been idling there for a while, it's a solo guy like you and once there's 2 of you in there, others will join as well.

in b4 "not everybody who plays on discord is cheating!" – yes, we know. It's not the point of this posting.


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