‘Slow Boss’ Play Through

Walheim - five bosses

After an extremely gear focused play through post Hearth and Home I've been enjoying a complete change of pace.

This time through I've delayed taking out Odin's least favourite stag and kicking off my war with the trolls in favour of setting up a well fortified base in the meadows.

Moats have been dug and I'm currently building up and levelling the tops of the revetments.

I reckon I've enclosed an area large enough to contain a house, storage barn, forge, brewing shed, a couple of small fields and some boar barns.

To the trolls I am at present an annoying, small biped who stands provocatively still on top of ore deposits only to roll away when they swing at me but as I have yet to murder one of their race they've not seen fit to come looking for me at home (they are however completely justified in mistrusting me).

The early game meadows are so peaceful, Eikthyr hasn't even sent food charging towards me yet.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/sfe162/slow_boss_play_through/

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