small tips to help as crew/impostor

this post is just going to go over some tips to help out in your game

as impostor:

use cams often to give the impression you're a crewmate, and use that camera info later on (for example, if you see orange and blue enter medbay, you could kill blue in medbay and later say "i saw orange and blue enter medbay on cams earlier, but i only saw orange leave"

you can also make up camera info to cover for your partner or make somebody else look sus, for example on an earlier game my partner killed and vented away as i walked up to it (and somebody else from the other side) i was previously seen on cameras so i said that i saw somebody go to the body location on the cameras then made up some story about seeing their name hop into vent

make use of the settings like annonymous votes if they're on, or make the most of your impostor vision to get sneaky kills or have an alibi, for example if somebody is sus you could kill in front of them and blame them, then vote yourself and everybody else will vote the other person, you then have 2 votes on you which for most people gives an indicator its a right vote (because nobody admitted to voting you but you have 2 votes), you can also use your impostor vision to give yourself an alibi, for example if you see 3-4 people enter an area with the lights off you could say you walked into that area with them, if they claim they didnt see you then you'll need to of course find a way of getting out of that, for example claiming desync or you walked over them while on a task

if you see a large group of people, try to snipe one just as they leave the group, somebody might get wrongly accused, you can also kill in the middle of groups, for example i had a game where 3 people were walking into lights to fix them and i killed the one in the middle just as the lights turned on, but i managed to get out of vision but the person behind only saw the person in front running from the body

never get a double kill at the very start of the game, people are usually grouped up and so this creates alot of 'hard clears', where its proven that the groups can't be impostors because the round is too short for 1 person to have killed 2 bodies, and this goes for double kills in general i try to avoid them incase people are grouped

if visual tasks are off you can fake the medbay scan, now of course lots of people say you can't fake the walk on the scanner, which might be correct you can't fake the actual movement, but keep in mind nobody expects you to fake the medbay scan so you don't have to fake it very good (you can just spam w to go forward and it'll look real enough for most), the trick here is that people will just assume that the walk is legit and not question it

when people are hard cleared for whatever reason, make sure you kill them otherwise process of elimination will come into play

try to be seen at one spot and get a kill in a totally different spot, for example i was seen on the very bottom left side of the map then got a kill on very top right of the map, for this the kill was narrowed down to a self report because i was clear in the crews mind, and so was everybody else

try to actually purposely leave out certian info as impostor to make you seem like you're crew, for example if you're on a task don't mention who is around you unless they were there before you got on the task, eg: if cyan is in comms when you go in and you do your task and lime walks in but cyan walks out, if a meeting is called before your task is finished say "im in comms with cyan", and don't acknowledge lime is there, then it looks like you really were on the task because you didnt see them leave or the other person enter, the same goes for if the lights are off and other people are around you, don't mention that you saw them unless you were stacked on them at some point

another thing for the above is, on polus, don't acknowledge cams are on if the lights are off, (assuming crew vision is low enough to where you wouldn't see this as crew)

if a crewmate is voted out, try and make the kills look like its just 1 impostor left, make sure there is only 1 kill per round and crew might be convinced to not vote you if you 'pair' with your partner, they'll be more likely to vote out the alone person

don't pair with your partner too much, ideally if your partner is sus put some sus on them yourself, and try to quiz your partner on their pathing every once in a while, and never be afraid to throw your partner under the bus if need be, for example if someone says there is definetly an impostor between you and your partner, then you say "well its them", this makes you seem crew because "why would you vote out your partner?

if a crewmate votes wrong on 5 or 6 then just shout out for your partner to vote the person that crew voted for, you have won, this is because on 6 the votes will just tie and you can get a double kill and win on 6, and on 5 you can just say gg and vote the person that was wrongly voted

as crewmate:

if you're in a group of 4 people it might be a good idea to stick back a bit and spam the report button, this way if the impostors try to get a double kill you can report it before you die

use cams to get people locations and quiz them on their current location to see if they will lie

try to hop on cams (if polus) at the start of the round to catch any kills, or to see who goes into what room and who is dead when the meeting is called

if there are alot of clears for a particular kill, don't assume they're right unless you yourself can vouch for the clears, its always possible someone else mis cleared them or an impostor is vouching for their partner

try to use round 1 info later on in the game to figure out who the impostor is later, for example if on round 1 there is a kill in electrical, and orange and brown went straight to labs, then brown turns out to be an impostor, you know orange can't be the other impostor because one of them had to get the first kill and it wasn't brown

(of course this is assuming you actually saw them both enter, for example on cameras or they got there with a group of people who all saw them both)

im sure theres more but that i have for now


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