Solution to reduce amount of stuttering in game

TLDR: Cap/limit your FPS using RTSS/graphics card to provide a more smooth gameplay experience. YT video by Battle(non)sense at end of post to help explain theory behind my post.

We all know the stutters are bad in EFT. This suggestion does not fix anything on BSG's end and it doesn't even involve any setting changes in EFT itself.

I did a search on this subreddit but didn't find much of a discussion on this topic: frame times.

Simply put, consistent frame times produce a stable gaming environment where you are much less likely to deal with jitters and stutter in your games. In competitive multiplayer games, this is very important as a stutter could mean certain death in the heat of the firefight.

So how do we get consistent frame times? It's actually fairly simple.

  1. Figure out what FPS your computer runs EFT at most of the time you play.
  2. Use a frame rate limiter (such as RTSS or graphics card software) to limit your FPS in game slightly below the FPS you found in step 1.

Essentially, what you are doing here is limiting the workload of your GPU so you aren't always hitting 96-99% usage of your GPU. When your GPU spikes (such as lots of effects on screen or a firefight), your GPU usage will bump up to display the action on screen. The issue is when you hit 99% utilization, it is often accompanied by jitters and stutters. You need to eliminate spiking your GPU usage at 99%.

Here's an example using my setup.

I have a 165Hz monitor with a RTX 2070 Super. If I uncapped my FPS, it will range anywhere from 50-60 all the way to 130-140, depending on the map I'm playing. Instead of having huge fluctuations of FPS (and frame times), I've instead settled on a stable and consistent FPS of 75. I've noticed about 95% of my gameplay is slightly higher than 75 FPS so this is where I'm comfortable. I've confirmed this with graphs and data using RTSS and the difference is night and day. When my FPS is uncapped, the frame time graph jumps all over the place. When I place a limit of 75 FPS, the frame time graph is much smoother (not perfect – this is EFT after all) and I feel a noticeable difference in my gameplay. My GPU doesn't have to work as hard with the most action paced parts of the game because it only needs to produce 75 FPS instead of the maximum it can handle in that moment.

It's important to note that every system is different. Some people could use a higher limit, others lower. The point is to take some time and test for yourself to see what works for you.

Also, some people always want the highest frame rate possible. IMO, in a game like EFT, a smooth frame rate is better than maximum FPS. Will you notice a huge difference between 75 FPS and 85 FPS? Only you can answer that question. I'll take stable frame times every time.

My aim here is to give you guys another avenue to explore to make your gameplay experience better in EFT. It has certainly helped me. I hope this can help you too.

A video to help explain the subject by one of my favourite YouTuber's Battle(non)sense:


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