Some good needed changes for pvp

So i bought valheim a week ago and im allready in love with it, a couple of friends are me are playing it hardcore and we are greatly enjoying it. As it is in early acces i see a lot of potential in this game as im allready very very impressed.

One of the sugestions i have is addressing player versus player combat. We, in our server, very much enjoy banter and usually settle disputes in our coleseum built expresedly for this purpose but we feel as this combat is slugish and not very fun, we arent very advanced in the game, maybe this afternoon we are going after bonemass, and if we are wearing full armor with shield and everything it takes ages for anyone to take any significant damage, this i can live with although i definetly don't love it, maybe some more transparency on how damage versus another player is calculated maybe on the armor description would be appreciated and perhaps solve this small issue. what really bothers me is the parry sistem: parries being a core mechanich in this games combat it completly falls on its face on pvp because if any of the two combatants lands a parry there isn't enough time to land any hits afterwards the animation is just too slow, or rather the stagger of a player parrying another player is too short, if i get parried i can just hold right click and for sure will block the other player next attack, so parrying its useless. If this gets changed i see a lot of potential in the combat seeing as allready ranged combat seems pretty fair to me, havent explored it as much as melee though.

Anyway thanks for your attention and if theres any other forum were i can promote more suggestions to the devs please let me know if this isnt apropiate content on this forum.

tl;dr: Parrys in pvp are useless because there is no time to hit someone after you land the parry and the other player is able to block/move before you are able to hit them.


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