Some LPT as I venture across Valheim and dying again and again… and again.

  1. BEFORE FIGHTING A BOSS, always place a Portal or build a Portal Base near the Boss' location. Fastest way to back to the fight.
  2. NEVER forget to place a chest with FROST RESISTANCE mead in your Mountain Camp/Base or Moder Boss Portal Base. If you die, you'll need that frost resist buff to get your gear back.
  3. SURTLING FARM- flatten area and CENTER a 3×3 wood flooring right on the fire geyser. Elevate the ground right outside the 3×3 until you make a square wall. destroy the 3×3 wood flooring and start digging to water level. THEN proceed to make your Surtling farm base WITHOUT the following- torchlights, campfire, portal, workbench, or bed. (the 3 surtlings won't spawn if they have the following) (this came from one of those youtube videos but just want to make sure to list all the items/building blocks that despawns the surtlings)
  4. Crouch-roll to push your boat back to sea.
  5. Leave extra wood in your ship's storage for a workbench for repairs or destroying it to rebuilt it back on water.
  6. Have an EXTRA PORTAL at your base and DEFUALT name it to Extra or AdventurePortal or something like that.
  7. Always have extra mats for another Portal when you venture out to far location. Once, you decide to have a base at that far location, place a Portal and rename it to your Default name.
  8. Playing solo and have to RENAME A PORTAL from your default name to a permanent name? You can rename a portal to a far away place by FIRST- renaming the defualt name portal at your home base to the permanent name THEN QUICKLY JUMP IN THE PORTAL BEFORE IT CLOSES…. you have a couple seconds or so before the connected portals disconnects from each other. By the time you pop back out at the far location's portal, the portals disconnects and now you can rename that far away default name portal to the permanent name to connect back to your home base.
  9. FLOATING TEXT LABEL on Portals. Place a SIGN to the RIGHT SIDE OF THE PORTAL and label it- HOME or SPAWN or MODER, etc… THEN PRESS THE SPACE BAR & MAX IT OUT. Press ENTER. Now you have a Floating Text Label on your portals. (from youtube)
  10. MOST IMPORTANT— Don't bother bringing your favorite 2 Star Wolf to the Plains Biome. DickQuitos will one shot them and all you're going to get is heartache.


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