Some (not that) quick math about solar power gen and bitcoin farm lvl. 3

Hello there!
Today I was bored and tired and I'm at this stage, when i started to think about creating solar power generator. This led me to some mathematic calculations with excel and result was kinda surprising. It will take You 108,16 days to reach break-even point for this investment (it means, after this period your solar generator is going to start saving money from saved fuel).
But if you built bitcoin farm (96hours) instantly after You complete generator and have 50 graphic cards (which value is around 810000Rub/GC) Your extra money from bitcoins will speed up your break-even point of whole investement (Farm and solar gen) to just ~18 days.
So, is it worth to build solar farm right now?
In conclusion- i think it is (unless i made some terrible mistakes within calculation, which due to my frame of mind is possible).
<Prices were taken from flea from: 22.01.2021 ~17.00>

Have a nice day!


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