Some QOL improvements I think that should be made sooner rathe than later

Crafting without workbench for some items

It's very simple to erect a workbench just to build a portal, for example, but overall it's just a hinderance/annoyance to do this. Making some items not require workbench would overall make the game more streamlined. IMO, carts should be repairable without a workbench, and possibly require wood to repair.

Land Mounts or Vehicles

The world on land is so large, that I really think there needs to be an improved breeding system with rideable animals. The portal system suffices, but you still have to make that initial run. Also, the cart mechanics really need better pathing issues, maybe there is a stronger cart later in the game, not sure.

Bronze grind lessened

I personally did not have a huge issue with this, but I do think the bronze leveling tree is overly complicated. The easiest thing they could do here is a 1:1 ratio for bronze, and it would drastically decrease the grind time. The fact that ingots are not transferable via portal also means you will inevitably be doing this massive grind in different parts of the world.

Alternate attack abilities changeable

The different weapon types should just deal different damage types based on stamina. Alternate attack should, IMO, be changable to make character customization more of a thing, such as throw weapon, power attack (stun), and AOE attack.

Lock on mechanics similar to Dark Souls

To improve combat fluidity overall and help handle larger groups

Dodge not requiring block

There should be a bindable key that outright dodges, without requiring you to block then dodge. There are numerous reasons from a gameplay/mechanics perspective for this change.

Minibosses at the end of dungeons

The dungeons from what I've seen are all pretty straightforward. Adding a difficult enemy who holds a key to the final door with the most loot would be a welcome addition.

Ability to farm berries/mushrooms

This is a necessity in my opinion. So many recipe require massive amounts of these, and it takes a long time to gather the large amounts

Expanded backpack
Vendor purchasable item that increases backpack slots. It's far too small considering how far you need to travel to get some stuff back to your base. Carts have issues. Overall weight of items can increase so that you aren't carrying an infinite amount. The issue is with slots, not being able to pick up gold / rubys from a dungeon bc you were just harvesting food for example.

(Longterm) Accessories slot

If you've ever played Dark Souls, it would function in a similar way. You could choose an accessory to decrease stam drain, decrease HP, increase food bonus, decrease character weight, longer dodge, etc.

I would prefer magic to be added as well, though I'm not 100% sure this will happen.

Overall, it's a fantastic game


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