Some stability tips from a player that was constantly experiencing crashes

To keep a long story short, I have been playing Tarkov for about 300 hrs and have experienced every crash possible from stuttering, to unity crash, server disconnects, and BSODs; here are some changes I made really help smooth things out, especially for PC related crashes.

My system is as follows: Ryzen 3900x, Aorus x570 Master, 32gb G.Skill Trident Neo CL16 3600mhz, EVGA 2070 super Ultra XC, 2tb Sabrent Rocket NVME.

  1. Do a memtest on your ram to check for errors
    1. This was the biggest culprit for my BSODs and crash to desktop. On other games such as Destiny 2 and GTA5, I was totally fine. But Tarkov would constantly crash on big maps such as Customs and small maps like Factory. On the default XMP settings, I uncovered a few errors and that I needed to up the voltage to get stable. If you get these types of crashes to desktop, where there is no error, run a memtest on your memory to check to see if you have any issues with your ram timings. Tarkov pushes your ram in the strangest ways so even if its smooth in other games, you can run into a lot of issues if errors are present. Even with 32gb, I keep autocleaner on just for the sake of it.
  2. Overclocking stability.
    1. Fairly similar situation above. In its current state, Tarkov pushes your GPU in weird ways. I had a fairly normal overclock of +100mhz, and +700mhz on memory. While stable in stress tests and other games, I would crash to desktop here and there. I found that downclocking my GPU helped significantly. I no longer get the errorless crash to desktop. I currently run it at +80mhz and +550mhz on memory.
  3. Anti-Virus and Anti-Cheat can interfere pretty regularly:
    1. Everyone knows that Valorant can cause issues so I fully uninstalled my copy. Don't know if there are any work arounds here but, this was the icing on the cake for stability in tarkov.
    2. Make sure you put the Escapefromtarkov.exe and launcher into the exceptions list. I only run windows defender but, some other anti-virus programs out there can cause your game to self terminate if its not on the exception list.

Take these with a grain of salt. These are some changes that I included to run the game smoother. Your mileage may vary from mine but, the recommendations made it night and day for me. I no longer fear that I'll lose everything on Customs or Reserve due to a crash related to computer issues.


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