Some stuff I’d love to see: weapon racks, armour stands, pet food bowls/troughs

Walheim - five bosses

Hearth and home brought a lot of cool stuff to the table. Very excited to have my own money pit.

I wanted to take this opportunity to list some things that I'd like to see in future updates šŸ™‚

  • improved cart (something that can be attached to a Lox)
  • armour stand (for displaying armour sets)
  • weapon rack (for displaying weapons)
  • pet food recipes
  • feeding trough (rather than dropping food on the ground)
  • cabbages
  • porridge recipe
  • pottery
  • greatsword of some kind
  • bone furniture
  • spikes that point straight up (for spike pits)
  • a way to fill pits and holes with water
  • magic spells and attacks
  • hammocks, sleeping bags, tents
  • some way to glide through the air
  • a way to create sentries (maybe a way to enhant ancient seeds or bones, for example)
  • something to stop enemies from spawning inside big bases (drakes keep destroying my stuff)
  • a way to write stories or tips for other players as either big signs or stone slabs

Off the top of my head.


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