some things to check ….after the “not only this file update”

Hey there first of all i want to thank everyone for the support.

After adding the missing content AND the stuff BSG added ….
If your performance improvement isn't noticable and maybe stutter especially on interchange, please check these things before getting to mad.

At the very first:
Clear/Reset your shadercache for AMD cards there is an option in the driver for it…. for NVIDIA cards you go to the following directory:
search for the d3dcache folder open it and empty it
search for a nvidia (corporation) folder in the temp folder and search for the nv_cache folder , open it , and delete the content

that was the shadercache clearing, in the shadercache is used for already compiled shaders which is nice if there are precomiled ones that are still matching the game, sometimes it happens after a game update when something about the ingame graphics got changed (for example the light effects with the interchange update om tarkov) that the shaders are not longer 100% matching or another possibility would be that it's full/to full. just clear it sometimes and after that the fps are at first a little bit less but they will increase even more when the necessary shaders are compiled.

check your settings in the driver.
you can usually set everything to auto or high perfomance
the energymode you should turn to "prefer max perfomance"
negative LOD Bias should be set to "clamp" if you use "anisotropic filtering" ingame
threaded optimization (only for nvidia) shouldn't be turned "off" just set it to "auto" it is btw no advantage over AMD to set it on "auto" that's the default setting the advantage might be more in the possibility to turn it "off" for older games

please if you are unsure
just use the settings i posted yesterday (would paste it self but the pc is unplugged atm ,maybe i add them later)
just use HBAO if you have a RTX card these are real-time shadows and i'm not sure if HBAO in tarkov is supported from the recent nvidia drivers i know that they support HBAO+
they cost a lot of performance! i know they are very nice but if you have turned them on turn them off even if you gpu isn't used 100% it is slowed down from HBAO (and even if you have a 2080ti they will suck all ressources you have, the rtx cards do have support for such things but only if the driver supports it)

SSR: just turn it off it cost a lot peformance when there is NO water near you

LOD: game runs best on two if you really want to set it to 3 but also this is very hardware intensive
(high LOD for example 4 let the pc calculate stuff IN a house That you are not able to see or notice) usually you want to save this performance for things you actually see

uncheck all boxes at the bottom (don't have to if you like the effects, but i never heard of someone having checked on or some )

these are the most important settings which could cause low fps and/or low/high/"mysterious "usage of your hardware

yep the last two boxes in the "game" section of the settings i would recommend to turn the ramcleaner off if you own more than 16gb ram.

the "physical cores" box …..yep so i got the feedback before they updated only with the fixed config that all ryzen users take an advantage from using all threads
The intel cpus that took advantage from all threads were 9900k and 9600k.
so "use only physical cores" OFF

At the end that's just what i noticed over the time.

Shadercache clearing is MUST do after bigger updates.

play fullscreen

Figure it out yourself. test it.
DON'T USE PROCESS LASSO if you don't need it!
while pretesting the config, it was not necessary and made everything worse!

i'll try to help you if there are issues ….

Usually all players should have a better overall performance some have 1 fps more other ones maybe got their fps doubled!

AND again they did not only update/fix the config file!
they added more stuff and until now i did not check what, but i would like to know because there was no need to the config file has the size of 146bytes and i heard that it's worse than just with the fixed file.

please be more detailed with your changelog BSG i will not be the guy that takes the feedback for what you added/changed additionally

before somebody flames cause he has still no improvement, please comment i'll try to help

PS: mention that every app that is using hardware acceleration could cause stutters also ingame overlays

(i'm afk and just wanted to give some tips i know, if you don't care fine….)

enjoy tarkov 😉


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