Some tips for beginners in Factory

I noticed a great number of people recently considering Factory the "easiest to get fucked" map of all. As a player in my third wipe, and spent almost all raids of my first wipe in Factory (I played no other maps but Factory from lv.1 to lv.38 in my first wipe and quite enjoyed it), I would like to share some tips of mine to you guys, especially for beginners who have to go there for quests, etc. Apologies for wordings and grammar as English is not my first language.

1.Know your spawn. Stay alive for the first few seconds.

Spawns of Factory are one of the closest you could ever get in Tarkov. If you don't recognize where you are and act quickly and rightly, you would get a happy short raid of 10s. A typical example would be spawning in the corridor by the glass windows, where either side of you is a spawn. What should you do to save yourself from that situation then?

Well, knowing where your dangers would be the first step, and accordingly decide whether to take on them or run away is the next. Use the shit spawn example above, you should try your best running in the direction of Gate #3 while getting ready to fight players there (There's a spawn right after you get out the corridor). Why not rushing the other side? It's because #1 the light is dazzling and you will not see the players spawning there behind the forklifts while they have easy shots of you with basically little cover and your figure shines in the light around you and #2 People spawning at Gate 3 have a possibility to rush the office on third floor and might not engage you at all. Other spawns can have the best strategies worked out in a similar way, but trying not to die in the first few minutes will make your rest raid much easier.

  1. Use painkillers at all times.

Factory is the place of fights. If you do not have painkillers when you fight, you lose endurance and can't get away when taking shots. If you have a broken leg with no painkillers, you are not going to run away from that terrible chad on the other end either. It's recommended to have a short-time emergency tablet in the pocket and a long-time Vaseline or whatever so that you will not be in trouble in all situations.

  1. Knowing your objectives. Change strategies for it.

Okay, after knowing where you are and what you are going to do in the raid, you should act quickly and RUN to the place you want to be at! If you just want to bring down some chads or grind Jaeger's quests of tremor headshots and office kills, you should always head over to the office on 3rd floor. It's important to get there first, as the one in the office room is usually more advantageous. On the bright side, there are two doors and the chad outside had to open any of them to get in, and you will always get to shoot him first. Don't be afraid of nades as you would not die from one nade if you know where to hide. On the dark side, you get to loot a safe and two jackets and put bitcoins in your arse before things went bad. Try rotating with them if the chad tries to open both doors then make the final push. Additionally, the three doors are all penetrable. Don't expose to them if the chad attempts to do so.

If you just want to do postman pat or hide that Prapor item, I recommend going into hiding for a while, as chads usually finish all the players in the first five minutes or so and head to extract, leaving the place for you, your quest, and some not-so-harmful scavs. I recommend traveling and hiding in the underground tunneling system, as very few PMCs would run through those places. An ideal place to wait is the area near the forklift spawn, where is basically quiet after the first few spawn fights.

  1. Nade Gate 3 extract. Get a factory key.

Gate 3 campers are quite cute in my opinion, as they are the easiest campers to counter if you take just a little caution, yet they still sit there and hoping someone will run over without checking the spots.

So, the easiest way would be nading both areas behind the two doors. Campers at this level usually panic and start running, so you would have the idea that they are there. Next, peek quickly and exposing as little as possible. Common spots would be the corner on your left, behind the blue junk box, and prone shooting from the second door. Rare camping spots include the top of the junk box, the shed on the other side of Gate #3, and the prapor quest shed on the second floor on your left.

And there's another easy way: buy a factory exit key at 60-70k. It's cheap and 50 times of safe extract.

  1. Pick the right gear.

If you are a rat and on a budget run, you should consider shotguns rather than AKs. MP-153s and Saiga 12Ks loaded with 8.5 buckshot or Flechette are best against all types of threats. Just remember to aim at legs of chads using buckshot, and aim for head and chest using Flechette. You can also just get a garbage headset and budget armor rig (any cheap lv4 rigs would do). Chads who killed you would not even bother taking away your 153 with only a blue laser, 0/40 lv4 rig, and GSSH headset, so you would get most of your gear back and only lose the money for meds and buckshot.


Factory is one of the easiest maps to learn and you will get to know every part of it pretty quickly. Yes it is sometimes filled with chads, but it is always fun to bring down altyns by shooting their legs off using saiga buckshot. For other times, it may just be a place where normal rats fight over only to fulfill Jaeger's tremor headshots. New players will learn how to fight, flank, peek and hold in close-quarter battles, which will be quite important in fightings of other map locations, like the resort, the rerserve as a whole, the dorms, etc.


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