(spoilers) Capes | Suggestion

Capes are important, but they’re kinda odd in terms of progression. Deer hide and troll are fine, but wolf is where things get odd. The wolf cape is the same as lox cape just with less durability, right? Nope. The wolf cape gets more durability per upgrade than lox, but the wolf cape is available earlier. The linen cape meanwhile looks neat and has the most durability but loses the cold resistance, so it’s not really worth it. I think capes should be given more functions. Maybe there could be a swamp cape that protects you from rain, preventing rain from giving you the wet debuff, but if you get wet from say going in water, you can’t dry off until you’re sheltered or have the fire buff. Maybe certain capes could have more defense or a set bonus, like linen mixed with padded would give some bonus. Lox capes are big and thick, and so should have more durability and defense than wolf, but weigh you down a tad, maybe a 2% movement decrease.
I just think capes should have more functions and that there should be more set bonuses. Also, please give us equipment shots. Head, chest, and leg armor, cape, and accessory maybe? Perhaps there could be vanity items, and maybe dyes?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mx7q1g/spoilers_capes_suggestion/

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