Squid Game Red Light Green Light Rules?


I thought up some rules to play Red Light Green Light from Squid Game on Among Us. I haven’t actually gotten to try it out yet so it might play like trash but I thought I would post it to see what y’all think!

Settings: 3 imps, 15 players, sabotage timer 0, kill cool down 10 seconds, highest visibility for imps possible, player speed 1-1.5 max. The rest don’t matter much.

Map: best played on MiraHQ but could probably be done on any map as long as starting line and safe zone are established.

Crew: gathers around emergency button in cafeteria. This is their starting line. They are trying to make it to launch pad, this is the safe zone. They must hold still during “red light” and can run during “green light”.

Imps: one imp will play the doll and stay by the light switch. They will periodically sabotage lights, this is “red light”. They will also fix the sabotage themself, and when lights turn back on this is “green light”. The other two imps will be the snipers and will kill anyone who moves during “red light”. They will still be able to see in the dark so crew will not be able to hide their mistakes.

The game ends when everyone has either made it to the safe zone (crew win), or imps have killed enough to end the round (imp win).

What do you guys think?? Any adjustments you would recommend? And anyone interested to try this out together?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/qdn0e7/squid_game_red_light_green_light_rules/

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