Stimming for Success! What are some of your favorite or overlooked combos?

This is my first wipe but I like to think as a research intensive person, I'm doing ok. I've been using a variety of the stims available and wanted to share what I've learned and see if anybody has something I'm overlooking. For all stim usage I advise bringing water and food.

Health Regen- Pretty much everyone is familiar with the godly green stim. For a more budget friendly albeit less effective health regen, combine a Propital and Adrenaline.

Combat: You can use almost any stim during combat for an advantage but my go to when I know a fight is about to happen or just started is a combo of adrenaline, SJ1 and SJ6. Most people will only use SJ6 to farm Killa but on an open map like Wood or Shoreline, the extra stamina you have can be used to reposition almost effortlessly. I'll use an adrenaline too if I have it, minimizing the suppression effect in CQB is almost game changing. The other addition here would be using a golden star to reduce some of the debuffs to hydration and energy and maybe even prepopping a health regen stim as well.

Point A to B traversal: The SJ6 is a must here but combining it with the SJ1 and and adrenaline will allow you take some shots while running and not go blind from the suppression effect, giving you a better chance to get to cover and see where you're being shot from.

The damage minimizing stims in my research have proven to be less reliable because of cheaters aimbotting.


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