Subject Expectations

When I’m impostor (especially on Polus, but I do this on other maps too) subject expectations and use what they expect an impostor to usually do against them. I’ve played in small scale tournaments and this does wonders for me (unless they have seen how I play before). Here are 2 examples

Camera Play

This works best on Polus, but what I do is I kill on cams and then instantly get on them. Unless someone is on admin table and stays on it the entire time, you will usually get undetected since most impostors will vent away. It will seem like you just didn’t get off of cameras and see the body (since most players don’t spam open and close camera), and when body is reported and you’re right on top of it, people won’t expect it.

Fake double kill play

If your teammate calls comms/ o2/ reactor too early and there’s 6 people left alive (you can also do on 7, but it’s risky), double kill in front of a crewmate and your impostor teammate and say you saw them both and it was a failed double. Crew will likely believe you since most impostors don’t kill in front of 2 crew. Don’t do this if someone has been voted out that YOU framed though, or that crew really thinks was an impostor.

If you do this with a few good snipe kills, you should not be sussed at all for the game.


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