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Hey guys! look at my super cool 200k scav run

some snarky title saying server upgrades are going great

Ks-23 clip of some dude ratting his ass off with 50k worth of gear

looks guys i got 4 tetriz in techlight :D. while holding his ks-23 naked


is this a hacker?! clip starts on customs and not on labs and is clear desync

Bitcoin price posts: What you mean i cant shove tetriz up my ass anymore at techlight? Wtf nikita new players are gonna leave

Jaeger is so dumb OMFG, literally impossible to level him.. NIKITA DO SOMETHING

posts about spawns: i just died in 20 seconds omg, spawns need to be fixed (yes we know) maybe if every raid wasnt 10 minutes max itd be more slow paced

Extact campers everywhere reee: even though hes playing interchange where everyone leaves after 10 minutes and is going to extract at the same time

BSG is handicapping me i cant make money anymore post

hi guys i got a green keycard 😀 what is the value? i dont understand market tax, it says the fee is 30m xD

WHERES THE MONEY BSG? why you paying cheater to play this game reeee

cheaters are everywhere wtf bsg, i cant play customs anymore.. 🙁 (most cheaters are on labs)

yay look at my clip where i downed 2 guys with zero recoil HK or vector. im a beast

I was watching lvndmarks stream 😀 what is this item in his kappa guys? 😀

we need solo queues 🙁 i have no confidence in myself

look at my 200 trillion rubles guys, i worked so hard for it by collecting my bitcoins each day and naked running interchange 😀

"to the player scav i met on *insert map name*"

wow guys look at all this good loot i got from my reserve scav run

the 20th shooter born in heaven clip

Guys how do i grind strength? xd

geniune noob trying to get help but gets shit on instantly post

some clip with horrible head bob

why does everyone use that red light on their gun? cant you be seen with it? xd

Scavs too hard 🙁

HOW?!? clip of some dude shooting his whole clip into someones arms

some very efforted post cursing nikita and the whole team personally

i get killed every raid with a vector post


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